Give your employees the red-carpet treatment Motivate them with a night at the movies Save up to 40% off with our Cinema Vouchers

Cinema Vouchers - The Perfect Employee Incentive

With up to 40% discount on cinema vouchers, why not give your employees the rewards they deserve with free refreshment packages and tickets to the films they want to watch at hundreds of cinemas across the UK.

Looking to improve performance? Give them something they’ll love

Have you ever met someone that says that they don’t like going to the cinema? Thought not. With over 600 films released in the UK every year, there’s always something new and exciting to see.

Take your students from the halls of residence to the Hills of Hollywood

A £10 High Street voucher might just pair a new pair of pants... or even worse, socks. For less than half that, why not give them a cinema ticket? A night at the movies is so much more memorable than last season’s undies.

Epic savings and even popcorn too! Sweet! Or Salty!

Buying your Cinema Vouchers in larger volumes means that you make even greater savings, and there’s even discounts to be had on your popcorn and drinks

Cinema Vouchers

Cinema Vouchers

Choose the quantity and type of tickets you would like to purchase for your employees



Add on complimentary refreshments to complete your employees night out

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Personalise the package with your business’ branding or a special theme

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