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  • An unforgettable experience
  • Films to suit every taste
  • Wide choice of cinemas
  • 2D and 3D Movies
  • Digital Quality

Have you ever met anyone who says that they don’t like going to the cinema? The answer is most probably not. 

Few experiences match the thrill and excitement of a night at the movies.  The universal appeal of seeing the latest cinematic releases on the big screen means you can be confident that everyone will enjoy a cinema voucher reward, no matter what their age, gender or taste. With almost 82%* of people claiming to be cinema-goers you can be sure that a cinema ticket voucher will be redeemed in one of our participating theatres very soon after being received.

Our unrivalled partnerships with many of the UK’s leading cinema chains allows cinema voucher holders to experience the very best the film industry has to offer and with over 480 cinemas within easy access, you’ll be giving them a night out that they’ll most definitely remember.

*Source: Mintel UK Cinemagoing – November 2013

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